Sunday, October 28, 2012

the best saturday night ever

This weekend didn't exactly turn out as planned.
Long story short, we were packing to leave for Jacksonville and had to cancel the trip literally 30 minutes before we left because Joe just had too much work to do to feel comfortable leaving town.
Huge bummer.
However, when we woke up Saturday we decided to make the best of it and still try to have a good time for the game despite our sudden change of plans.
Honestly, it turned out to be one of the best nights out I've had in a long time.
And we've got the 400+ dollar tab to prove it.
{That's the only part of the night that I am not thrilled about ha.}
Anyway, not only did the Dawgs pull off an amazing upset and win a game that we had probably 10% chance of winning, but I think we all successfully forgot about the fact that we were supposed to be in Jacksonville and danced the night away.
Here are some photos {via my sweet friend, Tiffany} to recap:

Speaking of my sweet friend, Tiff, that's her.

The guys weren't convinced the Dawgs were going to win.

But the gang perked up when the game ended and it was time to celebrate!

Abby got arrested by our cop waitress and force fed her drink.

Also, for every beer we drank we got a free stadium cup.

Beer was spilled all over me during the Dawg cheer, but it was worth it.

Abby and Joe breakin' it down.

The part that isn't pictured here is the 2am walk home, where Tiff and I were stopped by police and offered a ride home...
Or the part where we went back this morning to pay the rest of our tab and were told that the staff had been talking all night about how rowdy our table was.

The conclusion of this story of debauchery is that things may not always go the way you plan them, but if you have a positive attitude, everything will work out in the end.
A celebration is a celebration no matter where you do it, and this morning {besides the headache and achy body I had} I woke up feeling so happy and blessed to have such great people surrounding me.
So thank you, friends, for being amazing and for making the best of this weekend even though we all were so disappointed at the beginning of it.
You are all awesome.

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