Friday, January 18, 2013

friday things

1.  I'm calling this 'Friday Things' because it will include more than just my current favorite things {i.e. random thoughts and such. It's good to try new things, right?}.

2.  Do ya'll remember this pin on how to make baked apples in the crockpot?  Well stop what you're doing and go make them, because they are nothing short of amazing.  And did I mention easy?  Easy, as in Tiff and I just made them in a tiny crockpot at work.  That easy.

3.  Is anyone else feeling a slight twinge of Seasonal Affect Disorder with this crazy weather we've been having?  Last weekend it was 70 here in Atlanta, and yesterday there was a warning for an 'icy mix!'  I'm not totally ready for the cool weather to go away, but seriously, Georgia, I can't take this bipolar stuff.  Choose a season and stick with it!

4.  Has anyone been watching this season of The Joe Schmo Show?  I never hear anyone talking about it.  If you haven't watched it and you like goofy reality television, pop on over to that site and watch an episode.  I promise it won't disappoint.

5.  Joe and I joined Costco this week {finally...we had been debating about it for months now}, and I think it's safe to say I'm obsessed.  I also think it's safe to say that we have an unhealthy amount of mozzarella residing in our fridge at the moment.  But I can guarantee you we're going to have the best homemade pizza ever for dinner tonight.  So at least there's that.

6.  Speaking of Costco, I found a juicer there for a decent price and I'm trying to decide if I should jump on the juice train when I get my tax return.  Thoughts?  Success stories?  Favorite juice recipes?  Any and all opinions on this would be helpful, as clearly I'm the most indecisive person on the planet.

7.  I'm going to admit something to you guys that I haven't told anyone...I can't stop watching Nashville.  Or listening to the soundtrack on Spotify.  Or daydreaming of taking a trip there to have a beer at the Bluebird Cafe and listen to Scarlett and Gunner serenade the crowd.  I get how ridiculous that sounds, so don't even start.  Seriously though...I want to go to Nashville.

8.  I have about five other points I could make about my current obsession with specific television shows, but I'll spare you.

9.  I did an in-depth analysis of my finances this week, only to realize I am spending entirely too much money on ridiculous things.  Great.  So, in hopes of fixing this problem, I'm on a mission to eat out less - specifically, to go a month without dining out and see how much it saves me.  Wish me luck...I'm 100% going to need it.  This also means I will be cooking a lot more, so it will be better for us all.  New year, new you, right?

Hope you're all having an amazing Friday.

Yay weekend!

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