Friday, February 21, 2014

friday things

I have been going through a slump lately.

Let me clarify - I've been going through a cooking slump lately.
Like, the only things I cook are soup or tacos {because those are the best meals anyway}, and then I feel like a crappy wife-to-be because a man can only eat so many grilled cheese sandwiches before he goes crazy.

That kind of slump.

Hence the silence on the recipe front lately.
I am getting back in the groove this weekend though.
I'm determined.
Meal planning, shopping, the whole shebang.

Until then, let's catch up since the last time we spoke.
Here's what I've been up to.

Joe got a promotion at work!
So we did the adult thing and celebrated with caramel gelato, naturally.
So proud of you, lover!

I found my wedding dress {and bridesmaid dresses}!
And I'll tell you, it was way less stressful than I was expecting.
I'm notorious for being a bad decision-maker, so frankly I was terrified at how the process would go.
But then I put on the dress, and it was just so easy to say yes.
To celebrate the engagement {and marking that huge task off the list}, my dad came to town and took us out for a celebratory dinner at Atlantic Seafood Company.
Who can turn down an engagement brownie?

Atlanta suffered through it's second snowpocalypse of the year.
Personally, I don't mind waking up to a winter wonderland.
You know I'd stay in my pajamas all day everyday if I could!

Joe, pup, and I ventured out into the ice once for an icy stroll.
It was so pretty!
And strange...seeing our street nearly abandoned.
You can't tell in this photo, but there were tons of people like us out walking, enjoying the sites.

Note: That photo was taken last week, and yesterday it was 70 degrees here.

Somehow, after working from home for a week, I managed to get sick.
More sick than I've been in years, actually.
So I stayed in my pajamas and drank tons of hot water with lemon and honey out of the new coffee mug my company gave me {which is giant by the way...obsessed}.

Lastly, Joe and I celebrated Valentine's Day.
If you know me, you know V-day is one of my favorite days of the year, and it never disappoints!
Since we were working from home, Joe made me breakfast.

Then we headed off to Chattanooga for the weekend to visit some friends and have an amazing dinner at Riverside Food Works.
We had a butterscotch creme brulee that singlehandedly convinced me I should register for a mini blow torch.
Dessert party at my place, anyone?

Joe's gift is still growing on him...
He'll get there.

So in a nutshell, that's been my life the past couple weeks!

What have you been up to?
Made any good meals lately?

Tell me everything!

This weekend we're off to celebrate my MOH, Kayla's, birthday and new job!
{Can't wait to celebrate with you tonight, friend!}
Then Sunday we're registering for the wedding at Crate & Barrel.

Which means this could potentially be the best weekend ever, clearly.