Friday, February 1, 2013

friday things

1.  Can we all just give each other virtual high-fives for the sole reason that it's finally the end of the week?  This week has been...interesting.  I'll just leave it at that.

2.  This weekend we're having some friends over to watch the Super Bowl, and I am having the most impossible time deciding what snacks to make!  Ideas on the list:  spicy pulled pork sliderssalted peanut nutella puppy chowspinach bitescheesecake stuffed strawberriespretzels with jalapeno cheeseblood orange sangria...honestly, the list goes on and on.  I need to pick two things and stick with them, but it's impossible.  Impossible.

3.  I have a serious new obsession.  Of course, it stems from my already ongoing obsession with Costco.  Did you know you can buy a 54 oz. jar of this coconut oil for like $15.99 there?  I bought this with the intention to cook with it, but upon further research I may or may not have just started slathering it all over my body.  It's been like a miracle worker to my dry winter skin.  This weekend's feat: deep condition my hair.

4.  Tonight Joe and I are going on a double date to the Salt Factory Pub, and I'm super excited!  I love trying new restaurants.  Anyone ever been here?  Opinions?

5.  What the heck is going on with Jim and Pam on The Office?  I can see the merit in trying to show that their relationship is "real" and isn't completely perfect, but the whole camera man thing is freaking me out a little.  Mostly because Joe keeps insisting it's going to get inappropriate soon, and I really really want him to be wrong. #teamjimandpam

6.  And speaking of television, Nashville.  If you're not watching it, start.  I know I've mentioned this before, but with each episode I get more and more into it...which is weird because it's so not my kind of show.  But I can't stop.  And if Scarlett and Gunner don't fall in love soon I'm going to lose it.  You heard it here first, folks.

7.  Thank you, Trader Joe's, for making multi-grain pancakes so I can feel good about eating breakfast for dinner.  {As I was making said pancakes last night, Joe jokingly says to me, "you know, the fat families on Biggest Loser love having breakfast for dinner." I kid you not, I had to read the nutritional info on the box before I could continue cooking. And I subbed the eggs in the recipe for sugar-free applesauce. Take that, Biggest Loser!}

8.  I signed up for another 5K yesterday, so now I'm doing the Color Run in April AND the Electric Run in May.  {FYI, the Electric Run falls on the one year anniversary of my college graduation.  I can't believe it's been almost a year!!}  If you can't tell, I love fun 5Ks.  And honestly, ever since the Bieber concert, I have a strange love for glow stick bracelets.  Obviously, that's one of the reasons I signed up for the Electric Run.  Besides a reason to exercise, of course.

Hope you all have a great Super Bowl weekend!
I'd love to hear of any great appetizers you're planning to make.
Because, you know.
My head isn't already filled to the brim with possibilities.

Sky's the limit, if you ask me!


  1. 1. I love coconut oil! It's really yummy to cook popcorn in! :) 2. Nashville is ah-mahzing!! I'm addicted. 3.Kelly and I were thinking about doing the Electric Run!! It looks so fun!!

    Have fun this weekend!!

    1. I seriously can't get enough of coconut oil OR Nashville haha, glad I'm not the only one.

      And do the Electric Run!!! Then we can go out for drinks after to celebrate :)