Friday, March 1, 2013

friday things

It's Friday, it's Friday!

Time to jump and scream from the rooftops!

1. This week I have totally slacked on trying new recipes.  It's hard to get motivated when you're only cooking for one.  Joe comes home tonight from San Fran though (!!!!) so I fully plan on making up for my lack of experimenting this weekend.

2. First on the list of things I want to try are these doughnuts.

I've never attempted homemade doughnuts before, and I'm not gonna lie, they're intimidating.
And yes, I realize they're healthier baked than fried.
But I've eaten exceptionally well this week and kept up with my workouts, so I might splurge.
If my cheat meal every week is a homemade doughnut, I could die happy.

3. Another thing I want to try this weekend is creating a new cocktail!  I'm thinking maybe with IZZE sparkling soda?
Plain old vodka sodas just aren't cutting it anymore.
And, if I'm being honest, I'm not the biggest fan of club soda.
I've been wanting to try LaCroix for awhile now, but I'm still a little wary since it's basically flavored club soda.
Like, I put it in my cart at Costco, walked around for an hour, and then put it back on the shelf because I'm so indecisive.
So I'm thinking IZZE will be a good transition to the world of sparkling water without freaking me out too much.

Yes, I'm thinking this hard about my next alcohol mixer.

4. Since Joe and I haven't gotten to talk too much this week with him being in a different time zone and all, I thought a fun thing to do this weekend would be to have a brunch date.  I've only gone to an actual brunch once with my friend, Lisa, at Meehan's Public House, and it was absolutely amazing.

We're thinking of trying Cafe Intermezzo, since it's walking distance from our place and we haven't gone there in the entire two years we've lived here.
I've got my eye on some toffee french toast!

5. Have you guys ever heard of Foodie Penpals?  I came across it this week and am seriously considering doing it.  It sounds so fun!

6. Another cool thing I came across this week - GLOSSYBOX

Preface to this: I recently got a reward at Sephora for getting so many points on my Beauty Insider card.
So, I chose a little tube of Clinique mascara and have since fallen completely in love with it.
I've never been big on spending tons of money on makeup, but that mascara.

Enter GLOSSYBOX.  I am totally intrigued by the idea of getting five new beauty products to try every month. 
I almost signed up for BirchBox once but talked myself out of it because I've heard mixed reviews on the products people have received.
Anyone have any opinions on GLOSSYBOX?
I'd love to hear them!

7. One perk of having my boyfriend travel to San Francisco for work = he orders fancy wine from the wineries there for me to try!
We have some very special wine being shipped to our place, so I'm thinking about setting up a cute little tasting for us with some good cheeses and chocolates {Trader Joe's variety, more than likely. Their cheese...oh man}.

Anyone else have any fun plans they're looking forward to?
Or interesting sites they've come across?

Have a great weekend!

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