Friday, November 16, 2012

friday favorites

Today I'm in a particularly good mood because after work I'm headed to Athens for a night of fun with two of my favorite girlfriends, Ashley and Stephanie.
The plan is to hit up Pauley's Original Crepe Bar for dinner {which just so happens to be one of my favorite restaurants in Athens}, have a few drinks downtown, and then spend the rest of the night catching up, watching all our favorite shows, and hopefully trying a new cocktail!
Is it 5:00 yet?

Do ya'll have anything fun planned for the weekend?

Okay I'm just going to go ahead and warn you guys...
If you're a close friend of mine and you're reading this, you're about to find out what I'm getting you for Christmas.
So, if you hate spoilers, skip number one on my favorites list.
I'd leave it off, but I am just too obsessed to not share.

Consider yourself warned.

Without further ado...

1. Maybooks - I don't know about you guys, but I have to write things down or I will forget them immediately.  Maybooks is a collection of adorable customized planners that are actually affordable!  Take a second and play with this site.  You will not be disappointed.  You can even choose what kind of planner you want {weekly agenda, wedding planner, meal planner, baby book, etc}.  I may or may not be ordering myself a meal planner today.

2. Pinstrocity - Tiffany pointed this site out to me yesterday, and I could not stop looking at it!  Basically it's a collection of popular pins on Pinterest that have been executed poorly...and I'm not going to lie, I've had trouble with a few Pinterest projects myself, so it's fun to see that I'm not the only one!

3. Crochet bulbs

crochet christmas lights
picture via

I am determined to try these out this year in my crocheting fury - we have a little bar/window area in our apartment that would be perfect to hang these under!

4. Felt flowers

DIY Felt Flowers: A Tutorial
picture via
Another project I've had my eye on are these adorable felt flowers.  I'm thinking they'd be perfect in a little bouquet on the new nightstands I have my eye on for our bedroom.

5. Wine ice cream

Wine ice cream. 5% alcohol. This will revolutionize break-ups and girls' nights.
picture via
Do I even need to explain this one?
I mean really.
And speaking of booze, let me reiterate what cocktail I'm trying to talk my friends into trying...

6. Hot Caramel Apple Cider

Hot Caramel Apple Cider for Grown-ups! Great idea. haha.
picture via
Hopefully I will come back with good news about this one.
It just looks so perfect for this chilly weather!
And now I've given it a shout out twice in one post so they have no choice but to try it...

Hope you all have an amazing weekend!


  1. Those maybooks are so cute! I may have to get one! :)

    1. Right?! They're so adorable! I can't decide what design to get!