Monday, November 19, 2012

my weekend in pictures/DIY tutorial

greek crepe via Pauley's Original Crepe Bar 
drinks at Allgood

new fall flavors

hot chocolate with butterscotch schnapps & caramel vodka...aka. heaven in a cup
gameday with my "sister"  
walking through the arch with Joe's mom, who's also a UGA grad
cheering on the Dawgs

sleepy pup after a day at the dog park
My weekend was obviously amazing.
Girls' night was a complete success, hence the crepe, various beverages, and dessert. {not pictured: a midnight trip to see Breaking Dawn part 2 - so awesome, btw - and being locked out of the apartment at big deal.}
Saturday, we woke up early and got to try Zaxby's new breakfast menu, which is being test marketed in Athens.
Also, Ashley's parents decided to surprise us and come up for the Georgia game, so I decided last minute to stick around and join them.
I mean how could I leave Athens on a gameday?!
My original plan was obviously stupid.

Yesterday I spent the day relaxing and trying to play catch up from the lack of sleep that accompanies a girls' night.
Joe and I also had a lunch date and took the pup to Newtown Dream Dog Park to run around for a bit.
If ya'll live anywhere near the John's Creek area, I definitely suggest taking your dog here...quite possibly the coolest park we've been to.
AJ goes crazy every time playing in the fountains.
Overall, it was a great day!

Alas, the weekend was too short, yet again.

Thankfully this week I have Wednesday and Thursday off to celebrate Thanksgiving!
Which, of course, means I'm going to have some delicious holiday recipes to share with you all.
Not only will I be making stuffing {my family's passed down recipe that always turns out amazing}, but I will also be looking for some delicious treat/snack to make.
If anyone has any must-make suggestions, please share!

Also, I wanted to quickly share something I tried out yesterday.
If ya'll are anything like me, your lips get super dry and chapped when the chilly weather starts moving in.
This year in particular my lips have been struggling.
So last night I set out to find a way to exfoliate them instead of just drenching them in chapstick.

homemade lip scrub
picture and tutorial via
This was by far the most basic recipe I found, but it absolutely did the trick!
I didn't make enough to need a tin to store it in {I just made enough for one use}, but I'll definitely be remaking it in bulk soon.
I also think I'm going to throw in a drop or two of honey next time.
It doesn't really need anything added to it, but a lot of other Pinterest tutorials included honey so I'm interested to see if it makes a difference or not.

Anyway, the moral of this story is if you're looking for a quick {and cheap!} lip exfoliate to add to your beauty routine, this is a great place to start!

*Check out the link below the picture for the full tutorial.

Happy holiday week!

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